Political issues in Benin after independence

Hello everyone, Welcome back again on my blog. I am glad to have been learning about the Republic of Benin and how far it had gone since its independence. If you might recall in my previous blog, I was discussing about this article which was talking about Benin in 1978 and how it faced different issues likeRead More

Post-Independence period in the Republic of Benin.

Welcome back again on my blog. I am very excited to be back as well. Today, I am very interested in talking about what it was like some years after the independence period of the Republic of Benin. You might recall in my previous blog where I was talking about Dahomey! Well the Republic ofRead More

Kendall & Grace Podcast

Hello Dr. Sanchez, Please find the attached podcast. We had trouble with the export options and we attached it through the Canvas email o the due date. As you requested, we are attaching it here again. Apologies for attaching it here late. Thanks, Kendall & Grace

How Did Europeans feel about Dahomey Amazons?

Welcome back again to this blog post. Please, feel free to leave a comment down below about what you think of this blog post. Well, If you had a chance to read my first blog post, probably you know by now who “Dahomey Amazons” are. If not, Dahomey Amazons were women warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey; whichRead More

Dahomey Women’s Descriptions

Growing up in Africa, I was always shown and told about Rwanda’s culture and what it was in the past days when my grandparents were growing up. Going down in generations, my parents would always tell me how the old days are now different from today’s time. I was always curious to know how myRead More